furniture warranties - do you need it?furniture warranties - do you need it?

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furniture warranties - do you need it?

When you are out shopping for new furniture for your home, you may be asked if you want to extend the warranty protection. Exactly what does a furniture warranty cover? Is there a deductible that has to be paid when you file a claim for warranty coverage? This blog will answer the many questions that you probably have about furniture warranties. Sometimes, these warranties are very valuable, but sometimes, they are just a waste. Hopefully, the information contained here will help you identify the valuable warranties and eliminate the ones that are a waste of your money and will provide no real protection.


How To Save Money When You Are Shopping For Furniture

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There's nothing better than staying in a luxury hotel. The colors are always perfect. The furnishings are always comfortable. The only problem with luxury hotels is that eventually you need to leave. It probably makes you wish that you could give your home the feel of a luxury hotel. You can. Here are four simple design tips that will make your home look – and feel – like a luxury hotel. Read More