furniture warranties - do you need it?furniture warranties - do you need it?

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furniture warranties - do you need it?

When you are out shopping for new furniture for your home, you may be asked if you want to extend the warranty protection. Exactly what does a furniture warranty cover? Is there a deductible that has to be paid when you file a claim for warranty coverage? This blog will answer the many questions that you probably have about furniture warranties. Sometimes, these warranties are very valuable, but sometimes, they are just a waste. Hopefully, the information contained here will help you identify the valuable warranties and eliminate the ones that are a waste of your money and will provide no real protection.


Sweet Dreams: Creating A Bedroom That Will Make Drifting Off To Dreamland Easy

Bedrooms are often taken for granted since they are away from the main traffic flow in the home. If the phone rings and unexpected company is dropping by for a visit, you usually don't rush off to tidy up the bedroom before your guests arrive.

Since nobody needs to know what goes on behind closed doors, bedrooms can become the catch-all room for clutter. With a quick slam of the door, the mess is out of sight and out of mind. This is great for keeping the rest of the house neat and clean but not so healthy for getting a good night's sleep.

Loss of sleep can adversely affect your health and have serious consequences, which is a good enough reason to stop taking your bedroom for granted.

Check your mattress

Beds are easy to neglect. If your mattress is sagging in the middle or hasn't been replaced in a decade or more, it's time to shop for a new mattress. Head to your local furniture store and try out several of the newer mattresses. From memory foam to materials that are cooling to the body, new innovations in bedding makes it easier than ever to get a comfortable night's rest.

Try something new in the bedroom

What's your current bedroom style? Consider breaking out of the rut and try something new and different. If possible, give your bedroom a complete makeover by purchasing a new bed, dresser, and night stands to match. Consider modern furnishings over other styles.

Modern furniture is minimalistic when compared with traditional styles of furniture and is a good choice for creating a peaceful and serene atmosphere in the bedroom. When it comes to eliminating a cluttered look, you can't go wrong with the clean lines and simplistic design of modern furniture.

Use the bedroom groupings in your furniture store to your advantage. First impressions matter. What grouping looked most inviting to you when you were shopping? What style of furnishings looked the most peaceful and serene to you? Trust your instincts rather than going with the latest trend.

Calming colors

Neutral colors or muted shades work well. Painting the walls in a light shade of blue or pale green can be calming. Bright colors can be too distracting and stimulating for a bedroom. If you love bold colors, use them sparingly in the room. A few bold-colored pillows or a curtain topper can add enough color to keep you happy without being overwhelming.

Dim the light

While natural light is desirable in other rooms of the house, it's not as necessary in the bedroom. Choose light-blocking blinds or curtains to help block out street lights or early morning sunlight that can keep you awake.

Don't share your bedroom with technology or clutter

Bedrooms are not the place for television, computers, and tablets. The bedroom should be a respite from the distractions of glaring screens and noise.

Ban clutter from the bedroom by resisting the urge to use the bedroom as a catch-all station. Clutter can cause stress and lead to loss of sleep. Keep it clean and junk free.

If you've been taking your bedroom for granted, it's time to stop and give your bedroom the attention it deserves. Creating a peaceful space for rest and relaxation is worth the cost, because a good night's sleep is priceless. For more information about furniture options, visit XL Furniture Loveseats.