furniture warranties - do you need it?furniture warranties - do you need it?

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furniture warranties - do you need it?

When you are out shopping for new furniture for your home, you may be asked if you want to extend the warranty protection. Exactly what does a furniture warranty cover? Is there a deductible that has to be paid when you file a claim for warranty coverage? This blog will answer the many questions that you probably have about furniture warranties. Sometimes, these warranties are very valuable, but sometimes, they are just a waste. Hopefully, the information contained here will help you identify the valuable warranties and eliminate the ones that are a waste of your money and will provide no real protection.


Three Ways Throw Rugs Can Help You Save Money

Many people have looked for ways to save money on rugs, but the truth is you can be even better off financially if you use your rugs to save money for you. These simple accessories are capable of a lot more than just looking pretty. You can enjoy both their looks and their money-saving benefits if you know how to utilize them wisely.

Partially Refinish a Floor

It is an old trick that was heavily used in country homes in the last few centuries. Rather than spend more than they could afford to install a hardwood floor, homeowners would purchase (or make) a large throw rug. This rug would be centered on the floor, covering a less expensive soft wood, while the budget would be spent on purchasing hardwood for the visible floor surrounding the rug. It may not be a perfect solution, but it is something to consider if your floor is a mess and your budget is tight.

Prevent Drafty Walls

Again, borrowing from history, rugs hung on walls can reduce the amount of air that comes through a poorly insulated wall. This tip hearkens back to the days of drafty castles where carefully made tapestries were both decorative and used to warm each room. A rug with a decorative print can do the same for your castle as well.

Preserve Your Flooring

Rugs on the floor are for more than just keeping feet warm or decorating the room. You can also reduce the amount of wear on your flooring by putting rugs in high-traffic areas. Under a dining table or desk chair, rugs can prevent scuffing of the floor as chairs are pushed back and forth. In front of an exterior door or under a child's crafting or dining area they can prevent stains to the flooring from tracked in mud or dropped food or craft supplies. Treating carpets with a stain protector will make them last longer and be easier to clean. Throw rugs can be protected with a fabric UV protector spray and used to shield wood and vinyl floors from fading when exposed to constant sunlight.

An inexpensive throw rug can be used in many ways around the home to protect more expensive flooring or to save money on heating. These portable, decorative items are easy to move around, easy to clean and come in an endless amount of colors and designs, making it simple to find the perfect style for every home. 

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